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Tuesday / July 16.

CSO Antares+

The CSO Antares+ is an all-in-one topographer that revolutionises orthokeratology with its auto lens fitting module. It simulates the fitting of rigid contact lenses based on the patient’s topography.

The Antares+ offers advanced features such as pupillography measurement under various lighting conditions, precise recording of pupil centre position and diameter, and the ability to view contact lenses on patients with fluorescein staining. Its topography function provides essential data on corneal curvature, elevation, and refractive power in a user-friendly interface, while also offering wavefront information and artificial intelligence keratoconus auto detection. Additionally, the Antares+ offers cutting-edge dry eye management capabilities including dynamic noninvasive tear break-up time analysis with playback features, lipid layer grading, and infrared meibography for comprehensive patient care.

Visit: eyetek.com.au