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Sunday / May 26.
HomemidispenserMaximising the Value of Optical Dispensing

Maximising the Value of Optical Dispensing

ADOA reports on steps gained with the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council in relation to a review of the Certificate IV course in Optical Dispensing.


Murray O’Brie

On 11 November last year ADOA Victoria held its final continuing education evening for the year. Dr. Ann Weymouth gave a very interesting talk on her research into Omega 3 fatty acids and their effect on retinal health. I think we all came away pretty convinced of the benefits and there might be a few of us who start popping pills on a regular basis!

Our next evening will be held on Monday 10 February and will be presented by Transitions Optical.

Our next evening will be held on Monday 10 February and will be presented by Transitions Optical

Certificate IV Review
The review of the course will continue throughout the early part of this year, and be finalised sometime around the middle of 2014. The advisory group is extremely experienced and all members are optical dispensers, so our profession is certainly represented well this time. All participants are from independent business and education backgrounds, which is something I’m sure many of you will be heartened to know.

ADOA Victoria Membership
Please contact ADOA Victoria secretariat Don Blanksby on (AUS) 03 9536 3127 or email: [email protected]

Murray O’Brien is the President of ADOA Victoria.


Grant Hannaford

In November 2013 a team of optical dispensers travelled to Nepal to participate in the annual Rotary Eye Camps Project, which was working along the Araniko Highway near the northern border of the country. ADOA has been involved in this project for some years now – our committee members have provided technical expertise and supported the development of the role of optical dispensing in the context of these projects.

A new clinical facility in this region is also nearing completion and ADOA is pleased to report that, in conjunction with Rotary, TAFE and CDRA Nepal, a centre for Ophthalmic Optics will soon open in conjunction with this clinic.

This facility represents the culmination of over a decade’s work and addresses a clear need for the delivery of optical education in a region, which has no formal training. The facility will contain an edging and fitting facility as well as a college, and negotiations are well under way for the establishment of a surfacing facility. As Nepal currently has no capacity for lens generation, these facilities represent a significant investment in the future of ophthalmic education in the region.

We look forward to being able to report later in the year on developments and would invite all qualified optical dispensers, who are interested, to contact the Association if they would like to get involved.

Grant Hannaford is the Vice President of ADOA NSW.