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Tuesday / June 25.
HomemidispenserOptical Dispensers: Achieving a Better Fit

Optical Dispensers: Achieving a Better Fit

Optical dispensers in Australia present their processes for achieving a better fit for both frames and the Association going forward.


Murray O’Brien

The delivery of a pair of spectacles is integral to the process of optical dispensing. Yet its importance is too often overlooked and the time and effort required rarely given. One of the most important aspects during the delivery process is frame adjustment for optimum vision and comfort. Spectacles, as sophisticated as they have now become, are after all first and foremost a visual aid. They are often perched on the nose and ears for all the wearer’s waking hours and so it is here that just a little effort can go a long way to making the experience of wearing spectacles a great one rather than a painful or less pleasant one.

Here are some of the steps practice staff should take in order to achieve a great fit:

What would you like to be earning and how many hours would you need to work to support the lifestyle you crave?

1. Dispense a frame that has the potential to fit really well. If the fundamentals are wrong such as too big, too small, sides too short or long or the bridge fit doesn’t match the nose shape, the frame is never going to be optimal.

2. Place the frame on the client yourself. It will be much easier to judge if the pressure on the side of the head is right or not.

3. Make sure the sides are sitting down on the tops of the ears properly, then have a good look behind the ears. Observe and try to remember what you have to do to the temple ends to make sure they follow the line where the ear meets the head EXACTLY. That means following all the lumps and dips. This might take three of four goes to get right, but do persist and don’t fall for near enough is good enough!

4. Look at the client from the front and check the frame is straight. Most people have one ear higher than the other so the frame joint may need to be bent a little to raise the tip a little on the higher ear, or vice versa or both.

5. Check the pantoscopic tilt is OK. These days, some frames have very little built in and if the client has low set ears then the spectacles may end up having retroscopic tilt. Pantoscopic tilt is important so that the lens plane is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the eye.

6. Metal frames should have the nose pads adjusted so that the width matches the client’s features and the angle of the pads are such that the whole pad sits flush on the skin and does not sit on the edge or corner of the pad.

I could say a lot more but hopefully this will get practice staff thinking about the process and how much should be done
for a truly professional adjustment.

Murray O’Brien is the President of ADOA Victoria.


Martin Kocbek

The ADOA website, with its improved classifieds section, is proving to be successful in distributing information in real time to the optical dispensing community. So too is our Facebook page, and I urge optical dispensers who work in your practice, to ‘like’ our page so that they can keep up to date with all ADOA matters.

This year will see some internal changes made within ADOA to streamline processes, namely the renewal of membership. We ask all who may be

affected to please bear with us while the changes are implemented. If dispensers have a question about ADOA membership please email [email protected]

This month I will travel to Perth to speak with some of our WA colleges. I would be happy to meet with anyone who is interested in discussing ADOA matters, time allowing.

Scholarships Available
The NSW Optical Dispensers Education Trust is once again offering scholarships for the Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing; Diploma in Practice Management and Nepal Optical Team.

If your staff are NSW residents with an optical dispensing qualification and work in the profession, please contact the Association or [email protected] to arrange an application or for more information.

ADOA recently attended the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) meeting to represent the views of optical dispensers. We will continue to represent the optical dispensers view point on all DVA matters.

Graduation night
The optical dispensers’ graduation night is just around the corner and so at ADOA, we are in top gear making sure that all plans come to fruition. As always this will be a great night and we expect a big turn-out. If there are any questions in relation to this event – which will take place on Friday 23 May at Cockle Bay, Sydney – please contact [email protected]

Martin Kocbek is the President of ADOA NSW.